Understanding the trends that impact your business is critical in keeping ahead. But knowing the top 5 or 10 simply is not enough. That is why this report will outline 100 key trends for the coffee, foodservice and retail industries in the UK.


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What is in the report?

As the economic climate lurches, consumer confidence wobbles and uncertainty is the only thing we are certain of, how do you navigate into 2020 and beyond? Understanding the most impactful trends and crucially, HOW to manage them in your business will help.  This report is designed to give you a handle on what the trends are and how to benefit from them.  

The key trend topics covered are Sustainability, Health & Wellbeing, Technology, Experience, The Market, Economy, Coffee, Beverages, Flavours, Food, Alcohol, Consumer Demographics and Marketing.  Each topic has a range of trends and each trend has an action point for businesses to consider. That means not only will you be ahead of everyone by knowing the trends, you will also have ideas on what to do about them!

Who is the report for? 

This report is for operators and suppliers in the coffee and foodservice industry.  It is also highly recommended for general retailers.


Operators obviously benefit from know what trends are impacting their business and affecting consumer behaviour.  Suppliers benefit in a multitude of ways as well.  As a supplier it is essential that you know what is affecting your clients' businesses.  Knowing the most important trends can help you with NPD and Innovation, which in turn supports your customers and if you are a leading supplier with products and services that fit with these trends, this report helps you show your customers why they are so important! Win win!


Geographical Scope

US and UK market developments have influenced the trends in this report.  However, the nature of the coffee market means that these trends are globally relevant.


100 Trends for the Coffee & Food Industry 2020

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