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Wednesday 11 December, 2019




Leading UK coffee market consultant Anya Marco has published her latest research into the state of the industry and her top trends for 2020. Priced at just £100, 12% of every full price purchase will be donated to free emergency accommodation charity, Shelter from the Storm - a charity funded solely through donations. 


The report, 100 Trends for the Coffee and Food Industry 2020, is aimed at every business owner, from operators to suppliers in search of industry led insight and consumer driven trends, which can play a key role in forming ongoing business strategies to keep them ahead of the competition. Not only does it uncover the trends we’ll be seeing in the coming year, but also those which will remain relevant as part of our future. The main category trends span sustainability, health & wellbeing and technology, followed by the importance of an experience in consumer thinking, the current state of the coffee shop market and the economy. It then delves further into product specific category trends such as beverages, coffee, food and alcohol, together with consumer demographic and marketing trends. 


Marco explains: “It’s a fact – whether businesses think trends matter to them or not – they do. The supply chain is more important than ever before in these times of heightened food and beverage awareness among consumers. Not only must operators understand the market inside out, there is also an expectation for suppliers to be at the top of their game when it comes to product knowledge and consumer thinking. I’ve compiled the report to not only outline the key trends, but also show those in the industry how to integrate and apply them to their business.”


Perhaps not surprisingly, the key trend amongst consumers and businesses is sustainability, with 67% of consumers stating they would be more likely to act ethically when they see the results of an operator or suppliers actions. The message here is clear – be transparent about your efforts to combat sustainable issues. The main concern here among consumers is to rid the world of plastic - important to almost half of those surveyed at 47%, closely followed by recycled packaging at 42% and eco-friendly packaging for which 59% would happily pay more.


Steve Lovegrove, Head of Café Formats for Compass Group UK & Ireland, commented: “This report captures in a very succinct way the key trends and challenges facing the industry today. There are numerous areas covered in the report that are both thought-provoking and insightful, with topics the industry really needs to be considering and indeed addressing in this changing marketplace. A must-read for industry leaders.”


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