Why Make a Charity Donation on the Sale of A Report?

The obvious answer to this question is because it is a good thing to do. But my decision to make a donation to a homeless charity for the sale of every report at full price is deeper than that.

I am making a donation because as I write this blog post I am sitting on a sofa in my front room, in my flat. I wrote the report on the same sofa, wearing warm clothes with the heating on and a cat on my lap.

I am lucky. I own my own flat. I can earn money. If I wanted to, I could get a job (I don’t want to!). I can work for myself and I can pay my bills, feed myself, have a hot shower whenever I want to.

I have the basics in life and more! Sadly, so many people don’t. Particularly in London.

Many people who find themselves homeless had a life like mine once. If making a donation to a homeless charity can make a difference to just one of them, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

If you want to buy my report and help me donate as much as possible, you can subscribe to my newsletter and find out when it is available to purchase.

If you don’t want to buy my report but want to make a donation to a homeless charity, then please take your pick from the list below.

Either way it’s a good thing to do.









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