I Ran Out of Coffee…

This is something that I don’t even joke about! Running out of decent coffee is not a good thing in my house. People have to keep away from me if I haven’t had coffee in the morning, so waking up to discover that there was no more good coffee in the house was quite frankly horrible. (Luckily my husband had left for the day and the cats were asleep).

I have a drawer that I call the drawer of desperation… I keep all my coffee samples I pick up at festivals and events in this drawer and this morning I had to go in. The last time I ventured into this drawer there was a very very darkly roasted bag of supermarket coffee that someone had inadvertently purchased (not me… never would I do such a thing), that was undrinkable, but in my desperation I was considering it. There were also some coffee bags… urgh… the last time I drank one of these I was on a girly weekend in Butlins… enough said (hangovers do tend to take the edge off bad coffee, such is the need). I was stealing myself to have to have one of these coffee bags when I spied a different sample I had forgotten about.

Coffee in a Bag...

A FreshDrip bag. Oooooh (said no-one ever first thing in the morning), I’ll try that.

Now as you can see, this is basically a bag of filter coffee with two little handles you place over your cup and pour the water in. The convenience of a coffee bag but the promise of quality of freshly brewed specialty drip coffee…

Brewing Coffee in a Bag

Making it is fairly simple, you pour water through the bag – according to the instructions you pour a small amount in to let it bloom and then pour two full bags to get roughly 200ml. My cup is a little bigger than 200ml so I did pour quite a few bag fulls of water, and it didn’t affect the flavour too much actually.

Great Tasting Coffee from a Bag?

I have to say, it tasted great! Really good for something that comes in a bag and isn’t from one of my favourite roasters. It was slightly darkly roasted, but the company has been targeting the Asian market for some time so that makes sense, and let’s be honest, although the specialty market would love us all to be drinking lightly roasted coffee to get the real nuances of the coffee etc, the rest of the world still hasn’t quite caught up with that and have palates still influenced by Italian roasted coffee. So from a demand perspective dark roast is still the go to.


The only complaint I have about this coffee is that it didn’t really fill my large coffee cup and I had to have two (nothing new there though). I suspect there may be some questions around the use of plastic for the handles and I can’t find anything on their website about it either. There is a recycling logo on the packaging, but that is probably just for the packaging not the bag/handles on the bag. Also you can’t remove the handles easily (without a lot of mess) from the bag so that may preclude easy recycling. Apart from that though it is a great idea.

To find out more they have a website www.freshdrip.com and it looks like you can purchase online or find them at Harvey Nichols in the UK.

I’ve run out of the samples now… luckily my coffee subscription has just arrived so disaster averted, for now.

*This is not an advert, these views are my own and the company has not provided me with any product or payment to share these views. The product was simply obtained through a festival/event (I actually cannot remember which). I do sometimes do reviews for companies when provided product or renumeration, so feel free to get in touch if you would like me to try your product and talk about it.

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