Fizzy Coffee?

What the heck? Has the world gone crazy? First cold coffee, now fizzy coffee? Well my friends, let me tell you something. It is amazing!! Hell yeah, I love love love this stuff.

Now before we get on with the why etc I need to let you know that these are all my own thoughts and I am not being paid for this blog post. I mean I’d love to be paid so hook me up if you want me to review something, but this is all my own doing, because this stuff rocks.

A few years ago, possibly about five years ago, I had to do a lot of trips to Sweden and Norway. Now most of us know that the Nordics are the centre of coffee innovation, not New Zealand, Australia or New York, or even London and in this particular case, the case of cold brew, this is very true. It was in Sweden and indeed in Norway that I first encountered cold brew, which in itself is a bit bonkers because neither country are known for their hot weather. Anyway, I never been completely put off new trends, always open to try things (apart from mushroom coffee, because allergies), but when I saw Cold Brew + Tonic on a Norwegian coffee shop menu I have to admit my immediate response was WTF, urgh, yuck! But I tried it, because my father always told me to never make an opinion without at least trying something first. Of course the drink was fantastic, it tasted fresh, bright, all the flavour notes from the coffee just exploded in my mouth and I was converted to cold brew and cold brew tonic about three years before the UK caught on!

Fast track to this year and imagine my delight (having already been super happy with the UK embracing cold brew), when I find out Union Hand Roasted has launched this little number: Sparkling Black. Oh happy days, not just nitro (which is a great beverage) but proper fizzy coffee in a can that I can buy and have in my fridge. Yes, yes, yes!

So, why the excitement? Well for one thing it tastes delicious. Truly refreshing. It is a natural energy booster, without all the muck that goes into normal energy drinks. Obviously, as with all things Union it is ethically sourced coffee. But the brilliance is that this drink isn’t just for hot days, it is for any time of the day when you need that lift that only coffee can give you, but you either don’t have time to brew a chemex, french press or basically cannot be arsed to put the kettle on at all, or you are out and about and just want a refreshing drink that isn’t going to give you artificial wings…

The coffee has a gorgeous citrus hit, that is not overpowering, it simply sits on your palette with a gentle zing. It feels and looks like a cola drink, but without the sugar rush or the artificial sweetener hit. It has absolutely no bitterness, in fact if anything it is slightly sweet tasting, like a good shot of espresso should be, but without the heaviness of a shot.

Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself and tell me what you think.

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